Here is the third in our series of the Four Key Principles of Agility brought to life. As reference, check out our original article, which provides an overview of these principles, as well as the in-depth articles on Principle #1 (Be very specific about the business problem you need to solve) and Principle #2 (Making the most of what you already have).

The third most important principle in Agility is Leveraging the right technology stack.

We all know that technology is one of the biggest enablers of agility. However, with the plethora of apps and tools out there, it is very difficult to know which one is right for the job at hand, and which one will perform as billed.

This is why Shapiro+Raj has built a strong and robust tech stack with partnerships with the industry’s leading providers plus new and innovative entrants. One such example is how our partnership with a new digital app provided quick and powerful insights for a consumer-packaged goods brand.

Shapiro+Raj built the strategy to help launch a new CBD dog anxiety brand. With an aggressive timetable, we needed to get feedback on packaging designs for the brand and understand its distinction versus its competitors. We partnered with FastFocus, an online/mobile platform that uses virtual currency and the principles of scarcity to simulate real-world dynamics. The package designs were put into a bidding war in which respondents invested in the one they would prefer. They also provided text-based responses to explain their choice.

In less than 10-days, we had answers on actions needed to make our clients’ brands packaging more compelling and impactful. This has helped differentiate the brand in the marketplace, drive significant sales growth, and winning the coveted 2020 Editors’ Choice Award from Pet Product News.

Hope this example, once again, brings to life how we think about agility and – more importantly – truly act on it, in service of our clients. Agility is about speed and efficiency. It is also about scientific rigor and strategic acumen. The Insight Economy™ requires this integrated approach. We would be happy to talk through this example, and others, if you need. Just let us know.