Technology Empowerment (TE) + Human Empathy (HE) = Techmanity™

The Insight Economy™ requires a perfect blend of human empathy + technology capabilities. No one delivers this better than Shapiro+Raj.

Delivering ‘Now Whats’ Not Just The ‘Whats’.

Traditional research companies report with the data and learnings. Our clients need more than this. They need insights and ideas that inspire actions. That’s why, our integrated teams deliver:

More than white space analyses…

a space worth seizing

More than customer journeys…

moments you can monetize

More than brand tracking studies…

a way to build sustainable brand bonds

More than opportunity assessments…

deliver airtight business cases

More than a message test…

a winning stake in the ground

More than consulting report…

an inspired activation plan

Innovative, Proprietary, and Game Changing Methodologies

Our teams have experience solving problems across the value chain – from big strategic transformations to finding answers to specific business and marketing questions – leveraging the most innovative methods to spark transformative outcomes.

Market Mapping + Assessment

S+R’s BrandGPA™ identifies a compelling and sustainable IdealSpace™ by mapping out the lay of the land within the category and competitive context. It allows for a quick, comprehensive examination of a brand’s growth potential and provides actionable insights into equity, performance, and archetypical dimensions.

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Channel Marketing Strategy

S+R Integrated Analytics Suite is a holistic approach to building a winning channel program. We leverage data from syndicated, secondary, primary, financial, transactional, and operational sources, to define the opportunity, build a prioritized framework, identify the most valuable channel partners, and create insight-driven go-to-market strategic recommendations – all with specific tactics – creative approaches, offers, displays, etc. to speed activation.

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Drivers + Barriers

S+R Guided Deliberations™ is a unique method inspired by how juries decide verdicts. It was developed in partnership with the University of Chicago Law School and inspired by the process where vastly different people align on one decision. This method uncovers foundational drivers and barriers, identifies what propels/or not, adoption and usage, and finds winning strategic posture and narrative that aligns with the broadest value pool.

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Concept Testing

S+R BrandImpact™ identifies the most powerful idea and its impact on your business. It provides insight into critical brand and business metrics while revealing opportunities to disrupt the category status quo. Generating insights into the levers across typical concept measures while evaluating concepts on critical measures.

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CVA + IMA Testing

S+R Comms Impact identifies and prioritizes the most compelling messages. It evokes reactions at the visceral + intellectual levels, creates an immersive conversation that mirrors real-world HCP engagement, reveals opportunities for differentiation at the human + data level and provides robust quantitative validation, as needed, by patient types (mostly for CVA testing).

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Message Testing

S+R BehaviorImpact™ is an in-situ approach to sharpen the narrative and messaging by connecting both system 1 + system 2 methodologies. System 1 optimization stage leverages the science of heuristics and uses applied analytics (e.g. MaxDiff, TURF) to deliver precision of impact, all within the competitive context and by customer/patient types.

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Knowledge Synthesis

S+R AQuA™ App is the first and only app to make unstructured data immensely valuable. Gain deeper insights (compared to traditional methods) from qualitative research by using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to incite contextual and lateral insights. It offers our clients longitudinal insights while amplifying the impact of our researchers and strategists – true Techmanity™.

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Patient Journeys + Path to Purchase

S+R Inspired Moments is a 360-degree human-centered view of ‘Moments That Matter.” This approach incorporates both the emotional + clinical/functional + transactional view, as well as includes other stakeholders/constituents, to reveal moments where brands can inspire, educate, connect, empathize, and monetize. The journey is brought to life in a variety of ways to inspire business stakeholders – video, podcasts, maps, infographics, etc.

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Digital Engagement

S+R Digital Footprint Analysis™ allows you to understand the customer’s digital behavior, provides context for their journey via real-life behavioral data. It identifies engagement pathways, search terms, and digital channels providing clear direction to effectively engage and widen brand’s reach and impact.

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S+R 4-D Segmentation allows you to find, understand and activate your audience across four critical dimensions. It was co-created with academics, behavioral scientists, marketers, and agency practitioners to identify and activate Strategic Value Targets (SVT) in the wild. It provides deep understanding of each SVT to inspire product, pricing, channel, marketing, and experience imperatives, and is critical to framing the right promise to the right marketspace.

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Loyalty Pathway + Customer Experience

S+R’s Relationship Monitor™ is a unique approach inspired by behavioral science and featured in Amazon #1 book Brand Rituals: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life. This approach reveals the quality of a brand’s relationship in context of its category + competitive set. It helps define business and marketing imperatives that deliver profitable growth and pinpoints levers that elevate customer experience to create deeply bonded relationships .

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Innovation + Product

S+R PROsicians™ is a completely new way to futureproof Health Care insights. Inspired by the Diffusion of Innovation Framework and Alvin Toffler’s Prosumer definition, we have identified four discrete Physician segments based on their interest in innovation + experimentation. This schema allows us to recruit the right HCPs and helps identify surprising pathways for disruptive innovations and significantly improves the odds of new product success.

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Empowered By Exclusive Technology

Our people and methodologies are empowered by an exclusive technology stack. We have developed some critical apps in addition to partnering with the best available in the industry.

Experience the future of insights with us.