The Challenge

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a competitive market, with well-established and effective players. Our client sought to dig into unconscious barriers and biases at play for prescribing their product, to develop a more compelling strategy in the face of entrenched prescribing behaviors​. To do this, we needed to uncover both HCP and patient biases and barriers to uptake of each product, particularly at first-line

The Solution

To first identify the underlying cognitive biases in the CLL treatment landscape, the S+R team synthesized 10+ past reports via human analysis and machine learning (S+R AQuA™ and Luminoso).

Based on those learnings, we generated a set of hypothesized biases facing our client’s brand, grounded in current prescribing trends and previous market research findings. We brainstormed potential drivers for increasing use tied to these biases, confirming these hypotheses with our client.

Using a combination of projective techniques, 1:1 deep dives, and Guided Deliberations, we then tested these biases in the field to confirm how HCPs and patients are making CLL treatment decisions and identify pressure points where irrational thinking may be limiting treatment uptake.

The Outcome

Combining market research, behavioral economics, and strategic insights, S+R created a multi-level deep dive into HCP behavior and cognition, pinpointing potential areas where our client’s brand benefits could be leveraged to encourage increased use. With multiple client stakeholders, S+R led a mass ideation session to develop innovative approaches for positioning. Taking those generated ideas, S+R provided a final consolidated set of recommendations, ensuring the clients could easily understand the complex nuances of cognitive biases and how to activate them to their advantage.