The multiple headwinds and tailwinds anticipated for 2023 will make for another year of high uncertainty. When even the WSJ’s first podcast episode of the year – titled ‘What Will the Economy Look Like in 2023?’ – ended with a range of vastly different scenarios, it’s anyone’s guess.

With customers and the marketplace constantly in flux, today more than ever, it’s critical to unearth future-forward insights that not only provide a novel understanding of today, but also illuminate tomorrow’s opportunities. Traditional market research approaches no longer cut it.

At Shapiro+Raj, with our integrated team of social + behavioral scientists, brand strategists, analysts, and creative ideators, we have a suite of industry-leading unique methodologies and technologies to discover and inspire future-forward insights. Here are a few things we do incredibly well:

  • 4-D Segmentation: Co-created with academics, behavioral scientists, marketers, and agency practitioners, our 4-D approach goes beyond the three typical dimensions (demographic/firmographic, attitudinal, and behavioral) to also bring in the 4th dimension – the situational variables that shed light on how the same customer may approach decision making differently in different usage settings. This provides deep understanding of each strategic value target (SVT) to inspire product, pricing, channel, marketing, and experience imperatives.

  • Integrated Customer Path to Purchase/Patient Journey:  A 360-Degree Human-Centered View of Moments That Matter, we take an integrated heart + head + gut view of the steps they take along the path, integrating the stakeholder ecosystem dynamics, layering on Digital Footprint Analysis (DFA) to reveal moments where brands can inspire, educate, connect, empathize, and monetize – online and offline. This integrated journey is then brought to life in a variety of creative new ways to inspire business stakeholders – video, podcasts, maps, infographics, etc.

  • Turbo-charged communication testing (messaging/narrative, concepts/adcepts, sales materials/CVA, etc.) with innovative technologies and Behavioral Economics inspired approaches that capture yet go beyond the rational response to uncover the implicit and unconscious responses that fuel deep brand attachment. In addition, knowing that context is key, our approach is purposefully designed for the stimuli to be tested in a realistic context – testing them relative to competition, putting decision making in context (e.g., Rx choice by patient type), evaluating communication against the intended strategy, not in isolation. As the result, whether it’s qual, quant or integrated, we ensure your communication is optimized not simply to deliver a message but to drive the desired behavior change and real outcomes in the marketplace.

As the leading Insights Consultancy (ranked #1 in GRIT 2022, Top-10 three years in a row), no matter what research study or insights engagement we embark on with you, we have seen time and again that effective stakeholder management is critical to ensure speedy pull-through from insights to impact. In fact, per GRIT 2022 report, the #1 Best Practice most differentiating between insights organizations that exceeded their goals versus those who didn’t is ‘Regularly interacting with Senior Stakeholders.’ We purposefully design and tailor stakeholder engagement, sometimes even change management, approach for each project – in partnership with you, to help you maximize ROI and deliver meaningful business impact.

As you think about your strategy for the new year, are you looking to up the game in insights excellence? Are you looking to shape – and not just respond to – the future? Reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s talk.