The Challenge

It’s business. Factual. Clear-cut. This is the way many organizations think about B2B – and insurance is no exception. They may know the words that describe what drives their B2B customers, but do they really understand what those words mean to the individuals that make up their customers?

For this work, we started with a single driver, in a single word (“premium”), and dove deeper to understand:

  • What does a “premium brand” mean in the financial services space?
  • How can our financial services client deliver on it?

The Solution

We conducted a deep, yet efficient, research approach for a financial services client. This started with a kick-off work session to take inventory of current knowledge, hypotheses, and ensure alignment​. We leveraged our close partnership with our client to challenge each other and the research question at hand, using divergent thinking to find the right questions to be answered before going into primary research.

Following, we conducted a series of mini-focus groups with Producers nationwide. In this qualitative work, we leveraged our deep, empathy-driven approach to B2B research to identify the dynamics of Producers’ relationship with companies. Our approach allowed us to get the insights behind mindsets and unearth a deep, emotional understanding of what “premium” means​.

The Outcome

Through our close partnership, we took insights to new heights, delivering a simple, yet deeply empathic understanding of not only how their B2B audience really thinks about “premium”, but who they are and that they are real people. Ultimately…

  • Unearthing deep and surprising new truths about the B2B audience.
  • Delivering simple, actionable insights – providing clear opportunities to execute real action and change internal mindsets about B2B audiences.
  • Proving the power of insights to drive organizational change – this work helped increase the organization’s understanding that insights can be a critical player in decision-making.