The Challenge

Our client – a leading Home Improvement company – wanted help to better understand the complete physical and digital journey of their Strategic Value Targets (SVTs) to guide and define specific marketing activities needed to reduce friction and engage with their SVT.   

The Solution

Crafted a holistic multi-methodical approach leveraging digital diaries, deep dive interviews, and in-store visits to gain a 360-degree understanding of the journey.  We used our non-traditional, real-world metaphor approach to provide emotional insights and empathy-building to drive marketing strategy.

The Outcome

The journey confirmed online research process is the most difficult part of the buying process. Insights showed a unique mindset and approach to researching by our SVTs.  Our findings opened various opportunities to turbo charge growth via concrete initiatives, such as a new product tagging strategy for the website as well as language used in the digital arena; prioritization of key websites to interact with with our SVTs; a new website design to streamline the selection process to make it easy for their SVT to find their ‘perfect’ door.