In the continually reshaping landscape that we live in today, fueling sustained profitable growth requires next-gen research capabilities to unlock future-forward insights that help clients win today while futureproofing their business.

Driving business impact is the one absolute imperative. No wonder the 2022 Greenbook Research Industry Trend (GRIT) report, released in early September, shows that when it comes to drivers of insights success, clients across all industries focus on these three critical priorities from their insights partners: 1) Making impactful recommendations; 2) Providing results executives can act on; 3) Ensuring work completely aligns with business objectives.

There can be no strategy without insights; and insights without the now-what of strategic actions are useless. At Shapiro+Raj, we purposefully built a model that integrates innovative research and analytic methodologies with strategic capabilities to solve the toughest business and marketing problems.

Which is why, it’s a huge validation for us to be voted by our clients and peers as the #1 Global Strategic Insights Consultancy in GRIT 2022, a big jump from #6 just last year and beating much bigger firms like Deloitte, BCG, Accenture, and Bain. This honor is in addition to being voted as a Top 25 Most Innovative Global Market Research Agency for five years in a row!

We achieved this recognition, not just by building cool tech or cool tools, but by creating a disruptive business model that frames integrated strategic learning agendas to drive business outcomes for clients. This is very different than the legacy industry approach – an institutional, industrialized model of products/tools sold by project to solve tactical evaluative needs.

The very vision that Zain Raj, our CEO, had from day 1 – To be the company that our clients adore, our peers respect, and our people love – has continued to guide us and fuel success, for us and our clients alike. We are always audaciously in it to win it for our clients. Here’s a couple of examples of the transformative outcomes we’ve had – we helped spark a growth strategy for one of the largest retailers in the world that resulted in multi-billion dollar topline increases, we introduced the fastest growing health & wellness brand in an emerging category, we framed a futureproofed marketspace for a top-3 global pharma brand that changed their total addressable market (TAM), and transformed a commoditized category for a leading building materials company resulting in huge equity value growth.

It’s not just the size of impact but the quality that motivates and excites us at Shapiro+Raj. As a company that grows on delivering WOWs and referrals (we don’t have a BD or sales team), what our clients say about us, not only makes our day, but it also actually grows our business. Here are a couple of quotes:

Shapiro+Raj, in my opinion, is McKinsey with better data. I’ve never worked with a firm like this. One that got to 10,000+ customers and used the learnings to develop strategic actions that will help our company find new growth.” – Chief Executive Officer, Leading Consumer Durables Brands Company.

 “Shapiro+Raj has helped us deliver new insights into our toughest business challenges. I love working with them. They are talented, strategic thinkers who really understand how to uncover insights that drive decisions and market impact.” – Head of Insights and Innovations at a Top-5 Pharma Company.

“Shapiro+Raj have been instrumental in not only finding the insights but also shepherding our brand and business strategy for the past decade. They’re the key reason for our brand’s expansion across different SVTs and channels… why they continue to be our core strategic partner today.” – President, Global Consumer Brands – Leading Coatings Company.

The world right now is creating an environment where brands can disrupt or be disrupted. Call us with your #1 business challenge and see how the #1 Strategic Insights Consultancy can spark transformative outcomes for you. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].