In today’s world where time is the enemy, many companies are looking for ways to be efficient while being effective. This expectation makes sense. It is abundantly clear that the Market Research and Insights industry needs to deliver on both. Here’s the problem. The definition of efficiency is clear. Deliver consistent cost savings over time. This is the key reason for the increased dependence on technology and digital apps.

Unfortunately, there is no clear expectation or understanding of effectiveness. Is effectiveness, research that gets used? Is effectiveness, insights that excite stakeholders? Is it the impact it has in the marketplace? This is the conundrum for the industry but not for us at Shapiro+Raj. We believe that effectiveness is about unearthing transformative insights that inspire ideas to grow businesses and brands. That’s why we’re purposefully built to deliver now-what’s not just the so-what’s or the what’s.

To deliver now-what’s, we created a model with the perfect blend of credentialed social scientists, seasoned data analysts, and battle-tested brand strategists. They bring human empathy (HE) to every engagement and are empowered with innovative methods and agile technology (AI) to spark transformative outcomes (TO). This formula, TO = HE + AI, delivers both effectiveness and efficiency, with huge impact in the marketplace. To deliver this on a consistent basis, we built a completely new kind of an insights + inspiration company grounded on four critical pillars:

A Client-Centric Culture with Dedicated Client Teams

Unlike many other agencies, we do not have a sales force/business development team. We have dedicated teams working with our concentrated group of clients, that intimately know their business, processes, priorities, internal stakeholders, and agencies. They can proactively build learning agendas, help them evaluate strategic postures, and support in-market activations quickly and efficiently. Knowing the clients’ business also allows us to use the smartest, most focused methods to get to the right answer quickly and efficiently resulting in speed-to-market.

Staffed by Credentialed Scientists and Battle-Tested Brand Strategists

All projects, whether they are big strategic projects or quick and agile dipsticks, are staffed by an integrated team. This team of scientists use social science rigor to dig for insights in partnership with brand strategists who transform these insights into market-ready actions. Our Qual and Quant excellence teams support them with the most innovative research methodologies. Then, our creative teams bring these insights to life in a way no one else does. The entire purpose is to deliver not just the what or the so-what, but to push hard for the now-what. Ideas to activate the insights quickly in the marketplace.

Leveraging the Most Innovative Methodologies Paired with the Best Tech Tools Available Today

We all know that technology helps save time. However, technology needs to be paired with the right methodologies to ensure that speed is grounded on scientific rigor. Our proprietary methodologies are based on behavioral economic principles that integrate system 1 plus system 2 thinking; are a hybrid of qual + quant; and are not just evaluative but also generate deeper insights faster than traditional research approaches. We pair these methods with the right technology from curated industry tech leaders to get to market-ready insights faster. Additionally, our proprietary ML/AI app, S+R AQuA™, allows clients to use their prior qual research to answer questions today.

Supported by a Project Management Team and an On-Demand Project Portal

We are one of the very few consultancies that has a dedicated field and project management team to support the execution across all stages of each project. This allows our insights team to stay focused on digging for the right answers. Additionally, an on-demand S+R Portal helps our clients and teams, confidently stay on top of all the moving parts of each project. No more waiting for answers via email and playing tag.

This is why we are one of the most innovative companies in the industry. A perfect blend of art + science, empowered by technology. Because today, brands need efficiency; brands need speed; and brands need effectiveness. But most importantly, brands need success in the marketplace. That’s why, brands need the perfect blend of Human Empathy + Artificial Intelligence, to deliver Transformative Outcomes.

If you would like to hear more about how we can spark transformative outcomes for you, please reach out to us at [email protected].