As humans, we’re conditioned to believe that more is always better. Whether it be money, vacation time, coffee, or ice cream, this ‘more is more’ mentality is deeply ingrained (after all, who doesn’t love more ice cream?).

But is more always better? One area where this mindset becomes a common pitfall is when constructing an argument – more specifically, in advertising where the ultimate goal is to persuade someone to act. While ‘more is more’ may be an ideal mantra when it comes to ice cream, it often becomes the Achillies heel of effective communication strategies. We’ve all seen these ads – the ones that attempt to cram “everything and the kitchen sink” in, usually failing to come away with the core message and call to action. This phenomenon occurs because our minds naturally employ an averaging function instead of an additive one. What does this mean? When bombarded with a large volume of information, our minds will average out the inputs rather than focusing solely on the most salient piece of information. In a validated study¹, respondents exposed to longer lists of messages experienced a diluted takeaway, whereas shorter lists strengthened the core message.

In a world where this ‘more is more’ mindset often prevails, traditional message testing often succumbs to the trap of reporting a slew of ‘top messages’ without illuminating a clear path to action. These conventional approaches often stop at listing “winning” messages, failing to provide insight into a deeper understanding of why they resonate or how they should be used to craft a persuasive, ‘less is more’ argument.

The good news? Shapiro+Raj approaches it differently and understands the power of a single-minded messaging strategy that is both salient and persuasive – less is more. Our team of innately curious researchers and strategists is dedicated to helping brands craft game-changing communications. Our unique message testing technique goes way beyond ‘what wins’ to reveal how and why each message works and how each supports the overall narrative.  And we don’t stop there – armed with this valuable insight, our strategists work hand in hand with our clients to formulate a compelling, less-is-more inspired message strategy. The result is a clear message map that leaves no ambiguity about the next steps to take. By partnering with Shapiro+Raj, you unlock the potential to create powerful messaging that connects with your audience and drives meaningful results.

Unsure about the most compelling message for your brand? Leave it to us, we’ve got you covered! Let us help you develop a messaging strategy that truly resonates and drives meaningful results. Connect with us at [email protected] to guarantee your team is armed with the insights to maximizing your messaging impact and inspire customer action.

¹ Vedantam, Shankar. “Hidden Brain: Less is More.”